Powering the new era of drug discovery

The no code operating platform for drug discovery powered by a decentralised biomedical knowledge graph.

Unlocking drug discovery insights across research organisations at the speed of science

Speeds up time from hypothesis to insight from weeks to days
Empowers non technical researchers to harness the power of the interactome

Frees up bioinformatician time to conduct advanced analysis at the top of their expertise

The Product

Use Cases

Identify protein functional modules and important genes in cellular pathways
Identify novel therapeutic targets
Repurpose drugs for new therapy areas

Meet the Team

Jamie Cartland
Scientist and Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur. Believes that Insights from Data Should be Incredibly Accessible for Researchers and Value Should Flow Back to the Knowledge Generators.
Ben Vozza
Unicorn Software Technologist, Passionate about Driving the Application of Emerging Technologies such as AI, Knowledge Graphs and Web3 into Biology.

Coming Winter 2021.
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