The Operating System for Knowledge Graph based Drug Discovery

Knowledge Graph ingestion, visualisation, analysis and recommender system build at 10X the speed and no code

Enabling wet and dry lab researchers to conduct multiple seamless workflows without context shift makes research teams exponentially more effective.

Use Cases

Target Identification and Validation
Understand disease and biological mechanisms by seeing the full data context
Recommender Systems
Use experimental results and graph charactersitics to prioritise genes of interest
Understand Molecule Side Effect Profiles
Mine graph charactersitics to inform compound optimisation

Our Partners

Meet the Team

Jamie Cartland
Scientist and Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur. Believes that Insights from Data Should be Incredibly Accessible for Researchers and Value Should Flow Back to the Knowledge Generators.
Ben Vozza
Unicorn Software Technologist, Passionate about Driving the Application of Emerging Technologies such as AI and Knowledge Graphs into Biology.

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